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Senior Systems Administrator, Atlanta, GA

This is a Senior Systems Administrator position, for both the staff and the company, that will start in the role of a Senior Systems Administrator and likely grow into the role of Chief Technology Officer. Our architects are in the office and will see you as an extension of their team. While some tasks can be done remotely, you will thrive the most in being an enthusiastic, collaborative, hands-on, and accessible member of the firm. We consider our company progressive and on the leading edge in technology. As such, the position will embrace this forward-thinking mentality. This position is 100% Onsite in Atlanta, GA.

Senior Systems Administrator Responsibilities:

– You will be dealing with architects and designers on a daily basis to solve their hardware and software issues, while assisting leadership with evaluating and implementing the firm’s technology goals.
– You will research, monitor and maintain 25 software packages, many specific to architecture such as Revit, Enscape, Occulus, Procore, Newforma, and Lumion.
– If you have experience, you will also maintain a computer network, including WatchGuard Firewalls and Unify Switches.

Senior Systems Administrator Qualifications:

– A graduate with a computer related degree and 1-5 years of relevant experience.
– A computer information systems graduate with an interest in architecture.
– An architectural graduate with an interest in computing and IT.
– Problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills will be a must.
– Experience with Revit, Enscape, Occulus, Procore, Newforma, Lumion, WatchGuard Firewalls and Unify Switches.

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