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Chicago IT Recruiting Services Firm. National reach with Chicago IT Recruiters. Chicago IT Recruiting Firm for talented Information Technology Professionals. Expert Knowledge. Programmers, Systems, Software, Engineers, Management, etc.
Chicago IT Recruiting for C++ Programmers, Java Programmers, C# Programmers, Linux Engineers, etc. High Frequency Jobs with Chicago Trading Firms. Technology Recruiters. Chicago IT Recruiters for Trading Firms.
Specialists in IT recruitment of information technology personnel for direct hire positions. Chicago recruiters for IT and Search Firm for technical staffing. We do a lot of work with Financial Services and Trading Industries, Manufacturing, Software Development, Outsourcing, etc. We are very active with Chicago IT recruitment for trading personnel that have high frequency / low latency skills. Other cities we are active in are New York City, Houston, Philadelphia and Silicon Valley. Technical Recruiters for trading.
Our clients include International Hedge Funds, Proprietary Trading Firms, Investment Banks, On-line Brokerages, Market Data Providers, Start-up Trading Firms, Trading Software Product Vendors and many others. Established in 1995, Next Step Systems / Parallel Partners handles searches nationwide. We work with the Fortune 500 as well as emerging technology firms. 90% of our business is repeat business.
These are some of the positions we handle:

C# DeveloperPerl Developer
Senior .NET DeveloperLinux Server Engineer
C++ Technical LeadLinux Administrator
SQL Server Database DeveloperSystems Optimization Expert
Lead Trade Support EngineerLow Latency Developer
Senior Storage EngineerWindows Support Engineer
Sr. C# Back Office Software DeveloperTrading Tools Developer
Algorithmic Trading C++ Software EngineerLinux Kernel Developer
C++ DeveloperHigh Frequency Trading Developer
Technical Project ManagerQA / Quality Assurance Analyst
Java Trading Systems DeveloperSenior C++ / C# Developer
Java Swing DeveloperPython Developer
FPGA EngineerQuantitative Researcher
Trade Desk SupportTrading Strategies Developer
Cisco VoIP EngineerSenior Security Manager
Infrastructure ArchitectRisk Developer
Tick Database DeveloperMarket Data Developer
Sr. GUI Web DeveloperSenior Network Engineer
Financial EngineerMobile Applications Developer

Domain Expertise includes: 
Electronic Trading SystemsQuantitative Trading and Research
Algorithmic TradingOpen Source Software
Financial EngineeringHigh Frequency Trading Systems
Front Office / Back OfficeFutures / Options
DerivativesRisk Management
Fixed IncomeEquities
Statistical ArbitrageCommodities

Cities we are active in:
IT Recruiters in Atlanta - GAIT Recruiters in Miami - FL
IT Recruiters in Austin - TXIT Recruiters in Minneapolis - MN
IT Recruiters in Baltimore - MDIT Recruiters in Nashville - TN
IT Recruiters in Boston - MAIT Recruiters in New Jersey - NJ
IT Recruiters in Charlotte - NCIT Recruiters in New York City - NY
IT Recruiters in Chicago - ILIT Recruiters in Philadelphia - PA
IT Recruiters in Cincinnati - OHIT Recruiters in Phoenix - AZ
IT Recruiters in Cleveland - OHIT Recruiters in Raleigh-Durham - NC
IT Recruiters in Columbus - OHIT Recruiters in Salt Lake City - UT
IT Recruiters in Dallas - TXIT Recruiters in San Antonio - TX
IT Recruiters in Denver - COIT Recruiters in San Diego - CA
IT Recruiters in Detroit - MIIT Recruiters in San Francisco - CA
IT Recruiters in Fort Lauderdale - FLIT Recruiters in San Jose - CA
IT Recruiters in Houston - TXIT Recruiters in Seattle - WA
IT Recruiters in Indianapolis - INIT Recruiters in Silicon Valley - CA
IT Recruiters in Jacksonville - FLIT Recruiters in St. Louis - MO
IT Recruiters in Kansas City - MOIT Recruiters in Tampa - FL
IT Recruiters in Los Angeles - CAIT Recruiters in Washington DC

Technical Recruiters for national clients.


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